​ Welcome to the Tinkerbell community. Learn how to join the community, find help, and be a part of building something great.

Get Started

Looking to get started with Tinkerbell? Here is the best way to do that

  • Documentation: Read the docs to see how to get Tinkerbell up and running.
  • GitHub: See the repo for Tinkerbell and all of the components that build it. Need a bug squashed or have a feature idea? Add them here.

Meet Our Community

  • Contributors: These are the folks who have built Tinkerbell with a shared passion for automating and simplifying bare metal provisioning.

Join us:

  • Slack: Join us in the #tinkerbell CNCF channel to discuss all things Tinkerbell.
  • Contribute: We're always looking for people with a passion for bare metal to work with us. Read over our contributor guide and jump right in.
  • Propose: Contribute to what we're building with a proposal. We use proposals to help publically guide the conversation about deciding on new features or pieces of code. Submit your thoughts.

Keep In Touch

  • Twitter: Follow us on Twitter for news, updates, and stories from the community @tinkerbell_oss.
  • YouTube: Our YouTube channel is a place to go to see recordings of our weekly contributors’ meetings, talks, demos, and workshops about Tinkerbell and bare metal automation.