Workflow operations.


Workflow operations:

  create      create a workflow
  data        get workflow data
  delete      delete a workflow
  events      show all events for a workflow
  get         get a workflow
  list        list all workflows
  state       get the current workflow context


  -h, --help   help for workflow


  • Create a workflow using a template and a targeted hardware devices
 $ tink workflow create -t <template-uuid> -r <targeted_hardware_devices_in_json_format>
 $ tink workflow create -t edb80a56-b1f2-4502-abf9-17326324192b -r '{"device_1":"mac/IP", "device_2":"mac/IP"}'

The key used in the above command which is device_1 should be in sync with worker field in the template and can only contain letters, numbers and underscores. Click here to check the template structure.